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Blue Water is a nuance of distinction, value and creativity which helps to develop ministries and organization’s unique service signature. It addresses probing questions of relevance of religious relationships to multiple generations while linking them to the organizational vision as it transforms communities as tangible expressions of the kingdom of God. There are no allusions this new wine skin ministry model is one size fit all, yet, its principles are universally applicable, therefore, it is distinctively adaptable to most ministry surroundings. The objective is to celebrate organic distinction of a particular organization and strengthen that service profile with innovative tools and methodologies that will enhance its organizational footprint. Blue Water is a creative concept which substitutes the historic concept of church with new emphasis on relational theology which maximizes evangelistic and transformational opportunities. This distinction is best presented by expressing unique ministry flavor, exceptional member service, ministry professionalism, relevant implementation of foundational truths that bring kingdom concepts to real communities as the ministry intentionally lives in the law of difference.


How do you define Blue Water? 


Blue Water is an operating principle that maps an organization’s vision by developing a creative signature and incorporating relational distinctions that provide value to those who access or participate in that organization. In short, its ministry or organizational flavor that creates interest, involvement and investment for the purpose of accomplishing the organizational or ministry mission. It is the creative ministry signature which distinguishes a local assembly fueled by pragmatic generosity, ministry and exceptional hospitality which creates an experience for the end user.   



What constitutes a Blue Water Ministry?

Excellent member services, creative ministry distinction, value added experience of participating in ministry while exceeding the visitors and members expectation. Intentional spaces of ministry creativity that maximizes members gifts and mobilizes them to evangelism resulting in the local assembly being a transformational enterprise in that assigned community.


The Blue Water Network is the organizational cohort of MLB Ministries Inc. which seeks to serve emerging leaders, senior pastors and administrative teams with creative empowerment to initiate and execute their organizational vision. BluNet clarifies the murky waters of religious cultural-ism, merging creative and relevant methods which preserves traditionalism while exposing the futurist to the praxis of ministry distinction.  BluNet uses relevant academic, ontological and marketplace principles to transform organizations, churches and ministries. BluNet is ministry repository and laboratory for start ups and growing ministry organizations we endeavor to inform, inspire, encourage and empower as we create transformational enterprises in disinterested cultures within communities we serve.


If you're a minister seeking mentorship, pastor needing programmatic assistance, Bishop in need of an organizational realignment, small business owner prepping for next level market share, community, civic or government leader; BluNet and the MERGE GROUP is your distinctive choice to assist you in your visionary endeavors. 



To be a real, relevant and relational extension of local leaders, teams and organizations endeavoring to live out the purpose of their life assignment and assist in creating market distinctions that punctuate their purposes and transforms communities. 

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