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Matthew Brown believes at the heart of every individual lies a reservoir of significance imprinted on their DNA to create life altering possibilities for sustainable transformation. Whether one subscribes to faith in Jesus Christ, a higher power, or the indescribable energy within, it is purposed for the humanity’s good. Matthew L. Brown, Th.D., is an unequivocal Christian with a vast experience, similar to the biblical Joseph, in government and public administration. He is corporate trained, and educated in civic, social, secular and sacred institutions in his community. It is this eclectic collection of experiences that has served him well in faith, corporate and community engagements.

MLB Ministries is the incorporated extension of a missional mandate to significantly assist churches, organizations and communities in their specific distinction of service, development and transformation to the locales they serve. Dr. Brown has committed his life to Servant Leader principles which he’s shared for over 30 years with diverse communities, faiths and business leaders. His commitment to providing a local distinctive service signature, which he aptly names Blue Water Ministry and Development, emanates from a deeply nourished conviction formed as he served underserved communities in his native Buffalo, New York. Dr. Brown motivates ministries, trains leaders, collaborates and partners with communities to achieve collective benefits for others. He has proven his exceptional skills as a public speaker, leader, strategist, coach and facilitator through the implementation and administrations of many strategic ministry and community initiatives.

Accomplished in his field, endorsed by his colleagues, and invited to inspire many in various parts of the world, Dr. Brown has harnessed his passion into a service modality that informs, empowers and inspires leaders, organizations and communities to unleash their powerful possibilities from their reservoir of significance, and create transformational enterprises which inspire the communities they serve and bless the worlds they’ve been called to change.

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