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What is a ministry of distinction? Distinction is defined as "a marking off, or distinguishing as different."  In today's climate and culture of church it important for local assemblies to identify and promote their "distinction".  We are aware the Lord Jesus gives to his disciples "the great commission" which will establish the kingdom of God in the earth and delegate the church as the only legal authority to implement that mission.

Creating a "counter-culture" is the mission of the church in order to provide for fallen man an alternative choice for eternity.  Each local assembly is then charged with marshaling forces to promote, promulgate and produce the life of the kingdom in the earth!  Our current generation is far removed from the formation of moral, social and ethical standards our parents and grandparents embodied.  Today's sight and sound generation is enamored with an anti-authority, anti-God and anti-church mentality that demands immediate gratification and visual stimulation to satisfy their social media overload.

As the church becomes younger and less religious; our ministry underwent strong consideration as to our relationship, relevance and long term strategy to win "this generation".  How could we hold fast to our fundamental pentecostal tenets and infuse them with a contemporary message of hope, love and transformation and package it to a disinterested culture?  Our answer?  Create a "BLUE WATER" ministry that would have a three dimensional and relational appeal to this generation, repackage our fundamentalism in a practical application to life and celebrate our diverse ecumenical heritage with bold presentation. Blue Water is a real, relevant and relational ministry.

Blue Water is our response to probing questions of relevance, connection, community and fulfilling the great commission in the 21st century.  We have no allusions that this is a "one size fits all" ministry methodology; but is our answer to celebrate difference in a traditional denomination and walk out our apostolic mandate to become the "new face of COGIC" building a ministry model of exceptional member service, ministry professionalism and living in the law of difference.

Our ministry philosophy will provide a backstop for young professionals seeking relationship with Christ but not with the circus they call "church".  Blue Water ministry blurs the lines of traditional church from practical empowerment through dynamic preaching and teaching and relevant worship.  Blue Water has both an academic and marketplace proof source in the context of transforming organizations. Our application is purely ministerial and relational to those we seek to encourage, inspire and inform as we build a transformational enterprise in a disinterested culture.

Welcome to MLB MINISTRIES...a BLUE WATER MINISTRY!  Jump in, the water is BLUE!

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