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And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame out of the midst of a bush: 

and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. (Exodus 3:2)

I often think about moments. Moments are brief periods in time, exact points or the appropriate time for doing something. Moments are manifestations of specific opportunities exactly timed and aligned to our unalterable purpose.  We underestimate the power of a moment. We've become so busy concentrating on "what's next," that we dismiss, downplay and get distracted from the important  memories and lessons that moments provide.Cherish every moment whether tragic or triumph: the moment you fell in love, experienced heartbreak; your first kiss, your first job, a graduation, wedding, having children, or even a simple family moment playing a game or laughing hysterically... Moments can be so powerful that they alter the universe based on what you decide to do with that moment. 

In the Old Testament, Moses maximized his moment while leading his flock in the dry, mountainous region of Horeb.  Scholars believed shepherds seldom took their flock more than one day's journey from their camp.  But Moses was at least two days' journey away when he wandered into a distinctive moment that would forever change his life. Distinctive moments call us powerfully into our future purpose.

Moments happen all the time so it can be difficult to notice distinctive moments. Bushes burnt in the desert often so Moses had to pay close attention to notice a bush burning but not being consumed. Sometimes we miss the subtlety of distinctions. We assume that all moments are the same. We take moments for granted. What is ordinary becomes extraordinary because of a distinctive moment.  

Like Moses, we have distinctive moments that will change the course of our lives and possibilities if we only will take time to notice them. If Moses missed the moment at the burning bush, his moment at the Red Sea wouldn't have happened. Don't waste time criticizing or complaining about the moment you're in. Instead savor it, because you'll only be where you are for just a moment.  Believe that the moment you're in now is where God put you to set the stage for your next moment.

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